Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beers of the World

There is a bar in Makati that serves 100 beers from all over the world. Needless to say that I am a beer lover, it got me thinking to try out every brand of beer that my tastebuds can find. My Rheumatologist will not be so amused though.

Kirin Beer, Japan's No. 1 Beer, was also a major investor of SMC. I found the quaint bitter taste quite delectable. Quite pricey though, costs P125 per 330ml bottle at supermarket prices.

Beck's Pale Lager of Germany. One of the better beers I've tasted. Smooth and goes down easy. Just hope it also comes in a 500ml bottle.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen - Of course, nothing beats our very own. Availabe in almost all bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and sari-sari stores. I like it ice-cold, rather than served in a glass with ice, which dilutes that taste of my Pale. When I'm in the mood for a night of boozing, I have to drink at least 4 of these babies, lest I want to suffer a slight headache. Though i doubt if can stop at 4, hehe. I enjoy Pale with my favorite Isaw and Tokwat Baboy, but I guess it goes well with any kind of pulutan.

San Mig Light. Not a big fan. I call this one my "NO CHOICE BEER". I only drink this one if the establishment doesn't serve San Miguel Pale Pilsen or if the host only offers SMLight. Can't seem to find the flavor and beer taste in it. If I want to get hammered, I want to taste the full beer flavor of all the bottles I downed; and not with a lame tasting beer. Good enough, though for a 3 bottle buzz.

Cerveza Negra, San Miguel's Caramel Flavored Dark Beer. I truely believe this beer is made only for the ladies. No man should be caught drinking this beer. Men who do drink Cerverza Negra are in the same league as those who put lemon slices in their beers . Felt quite emasculated when I downed a bottle.

Guinness of Ireland. Being a Celtic fan, just got to try this one. Malted Barley is roasted to give it its distinct flavor and dark ruby red color. The initial taste actually gave me an after-taste of soysauce, but got used to it after a few gulps.

EKU beer of Germany. Bought this one from Rustan's Supermarket. Tasted like San Miguel Super Dry.

Carlsberg of Denmark. I feel a little nostalgia everytime Carlsberg comes up. Still in College, bars will offer Carlsberg Draft, which was cheaper than San Miguel Draft. Though we saved money from Carlsberg, we had to bear the not so pleasant after taste. Well, as long as got hammered, that was good enough. The nastiest thing about it was my toilet explosions the morning after. Pizza Hut even served this beer for a while.

Corona Beer of Mexic0. Though I know not a few people raving about this beer, I can't seem to understand why. There is a "pakla" taste to it.

Edelweiss, brewed in the Austrian side of the Alps. You might remember the name from a song from "The Sound of Music". This gets my vote for THE BEST BEER I EVER HAD. The Brewery uses water pouring down the Alps. The fruity flavor blends perfectly with the full wheat beer taste. I can even drink Edelweiss without ordering Pulutan, hehe. I can't wait for the day that bars and supermarkets carry this Brand.

Heineken from The Netherlands. This is common in the shelves of your local supermarkets. The green bottle is the only thing that distinguishes itself from the other beers.

Warsteiner Beer - Warstein is an actual town in Germany. I tried this one in a cozy cafe along Katipunan Ave.

Blue Girl Beer - first brewed in Bremen, Germany. Readily available in Hong Kong and Taiwan. A little too bland for my taste, ala San Mig Light.

Erdinger, wheat beer from Bavaria. It has 8 different varieties. I believe you can find it in Robinson's Supermarket.

Kapuziner Beer from Germany. I bought this one also at Robinson's Supermarket. It's 5.4% alcohol in 500 ml can.

Tsingtao Beer (Ching-dow) - Brewed in the Quingdao province of China. First tasted it while in Hong Kong. I always try to order one in bars if they have it. Can't seem to find the bitter taste, though one can distinguish the lychee taste. Good for just chilling out, cause i don't expect to be hammered by this beer.

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