Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Philippine Stock Exchange was very gracious in conducting an enlightening and educational seminar on investing in stocks. Our sessions were held last April 18 at the PSE Ayala and April 25 at the PSE Ortigas.

"As you can see in my ECG, my cholesterol level shot up by 20 points."

"Got to proctect my assest."

"I will not stop watching Spongebob!!"

"Nasan yung sorbetero?"

"Huh, I'm at PSE? I thought this was the mall. They told me we were going to the movies."

"It's hard to doze off with your eyes open."

"Wake me up kung uwian na."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rick's Party

Bed Scene, Mall of Asia............. "Hehe, all to myself!"

1 hr. 14 min. 56 sec. and counting.

"Wala bang Cali?'

"Can you all please sit down! May pinanood ako eh."

While in Baywalk........... "Something's poking me from behind"

Spot the difference.

The Boatman

The Banker (Ang Bangkero)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

red box

What am I going to sing?

Sila laashhing na, ako (hik) hindi pa (hik)

Back-up lang ako.

Mount Sea Resort, Cavite

With Jen, our Team Building Facilitator. Picture daw kami, hehe.

"Hey Richard, I have something for you?"

It hurts in a good way.