Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The 3 Day Binge

My liver suffered a beating from our 3 nights of drinking. Thanks to the 1 "Banig" of Liveraide, I was able to withstand the punishing effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation.

Thursday... Mint Bar, Fort

--- After taking 3 flights of stairs..
"Give me a bottle of beer, I'm so tired and thirsty!!"

The inventor of the hithit buga.
"It's been 30 years since my last cigarette."

Together with my cousins Rick, Dave, and Kim.

"I only smoke after doing it, and that was 5 years ago."

"When I give the signal, take cover.. I'm gonna blow."

Chapter II
Friday.... Copa Cabana, Kalayaan Ave.

"Got to catch up, they started without me."

"Ary is sleeping, its my chance, hehe."

"I'm ready for Cory's next rally."

"Dundee, Cha, Les, get in."
---They didn't know that Dondon was going to charge them for the ride

Saturday... Malate, Manila

--An intellectual conversation between friends
"And Bugs Bunny said to Elmer."

"Take our picture.. I'll hold your beer for ya... He he..... Sukcer, akin na to!!"

"Ahhh that's the spot.. Felt so relieved!!"

"Pre, don't help me. I can still walk on my own.. See, I'm still smiling!"

"Help me stand up.. Everything is spinning."

The last round of the night. I'm talking about the round of beer, not my belly.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Eat, Drink and Play

A montage of eating, beer drinking, billiards and badminton. The best way to take care of your body - a nice balance of nutrition and sports.

"Araguy!!! It's Hot!! Nalapnos yata ngala ngala ko!"

"Right hand for the spoon... left hand for the fork. Hirap naman tandaan."

"Hehe, I'll get Karlo's portion while he's not looking."

And the crowd yells........ "Shoot already, its been 2 hours!!!"

"Dondon, malaming yung beer, hindi mainit. Hindi mo na kailangan hipan!!"

"Hey, is that a 1 Peso coin?"

"Hey Rick, is that my beer?!"

"Wait till they see my super jump smash.... followed by a loud thud."

"Eye of the Tiger."
---Hoy, wala ka ng kalaban. Umuwi ka na!!!

SJA Boys

Friday night... St. John's Gym....A bunch of guys in their mid 30's playing basketball? That's us, we are also the biggest market for omega pain killer, alaxan, and LP braces.

The best player of the group was unable to play because of a nagging injury caused by years of hardcourt wars.

"We lost, yet we're still happy. Maganda siguro yung kumukuha ng picture."