Thursday, May 3, 2007

Eat, Drink and Play

A montage of eating, beer drinking, billiards and badminton. The best way to take care of your body - a nice balance of nutrition and sports.

"Araguy!!! It's Hot!! Nalapnos yata ngala ngala ko!"

"Right hand for the spoon... left hand for the fork. Hirap naman tandaan."

"Hehe, I'll get Karlo's portion while he's not looking."

And the crowd yells........ "Shoot already, its been 2 hours!!!"

"Dondon, malaming yung beer, hindi mainit. Hindi mo na kailangan hipan!!"

"Hey, is that a 1 Peso coin?"

"Hey Rick, is that my beer?!"

"Wait till they see my super jump smash.... followed by a loud thud."

"Eye of the Tiger."
---Hoy, wala ka ng kalaban. Umuwi ka na!!!


Novice Blogger said...

mainit o malamig, "hinihipan" pa rin a! hehe

Kat said...

Naks! Eye of the tiger amp